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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day Two: Scott's Excellent Adventure

 So I'm leaving for London Tuesday at 9:55 PM, but until I leave I'm staying with friends Paully Carroll and Priss Yotter in Orlando, Florida.  They are two of three identical triplets.
This morning I'm having a cup of coffee and a bowl of flax cereal and looking out the window at the backyard of Priss's home.
 Have you ever eaten flax cereal? Well, if you have not you might just try cutting up some cardboard in milk.  After two bites I thought this needs something so I scoured the refrigerator and found a bag of organic pumpkin seeds and threw a handful in the cereal. That did add a little crunch, But now I just had crunchy cardboard. So then I looked up in the cabinet and found some cashew nuts and added them. Salt free, I might add. Now we're talking,  because I like cashew nuts,  so I added some more and ate a couple of bites and decided to add some more. Pretty soon the cashew nuts outnumbered the flax flakes, but it needed something sweet,  so I added half a banana and that seemed to do the trick, giving me the right combination of health and flavor.
Then while finishing my coffee I watched two lizards through the window sneaking up on a horsefly and finally attacking it. I thought for sure the horsefly was a goner,  but he held his own and got away.
I then settled in to read a book that my wife Marge recommended, the Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter. I can't believe I've never read this book. What a wonderful read.
Pauly came over around noon and we headed to Cape Canaveral to hang out on the beach and do some boogie board.   I was careful to lather myself with  enough suntan lotion to keep a vampire alive in the sun. However I discovered much too late that I forgot to put lotion on the top of my feet.  My feet are now as red as a baboons butt and almost as painful to look at.  The only thing I had to put on them was apple cider vinegar. I'm assuming vinegar is a cure for anything at least that's what my grandfather believed, so why not give it a try.
Tomorrow they are taking me to some alligator park where they have told me be prepared to step over some alligators. I think I will wear long pants.  I don't have any boots. Rick Steves told me to just bring comfortable walking shoes and sandals. Damn him!

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  1. Ha ha... I am glad you have a good sense of humor about all that You may need to have honed that sense of humor for when you reach the airport in London. ;-) At least you will have that all behind you for the rest of your trip and when you end the trip you won't have to figure anything out because you will fly in then fly out of the same place w no driving involved. Keep us posted.