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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 5- 11 of Scott's European adventure

 OK I admit, I have been neglectful in my daily journaling, the result being this  readers digest version of the last few days. There is a reason for this failure on my part to keep up, that being there is never a moment to sit down and write.  We are on the move from the moment we get up until we return home in the evening and by then we have enough energy to eat and crash. I am traveling with some sort of strange  species of human different from my own. These people actually take down notes and chart out every moment of the day and every destination.  They have an affection for Maps and guide books and they consult them often while walking down the street.  I wonder at the things they might be missing as they scurry about with their guide books and maps for there are strange and wonder pis people everywhere to behold.
 I of course and poking fun at my compadres on this trip, Bill and Linda Epperson and Pauly Carroll. Truth be told without them this ADD boy would probably be wandering aimlessly around the city,  enjoying myself, but lost nonetheless. They have made sure that we got places mostly in a timely fashion,  because of their organizational skills we have been able to pack in a lot in these few days we have. For instance we have visited  Hampton a beautiful little town with rolling hills in narrow streets, which has the distinction of being the home for Keats, one of the most  distinguished romantic poets. In that town we also visited the Hampton Hills which is a large beautiful park with a hill that overlooks the city of London.  We have taken to boat trips on the Thames River,  visiting the famous Cutty Sark ship  on one day and on another day we went to the Kew botanical gardens.  I thoroughly enjoyed both of these outings. We have seen three plays i.e. the first was  A musical about the life of Carole king, the second was Shakespeare's "much ado about nothing", which we saw in the globe theater, and the third was "the tempest."
 So to give you an idea of what it might be like for these three companions of mine to travel with me I relate the story:  on the day we were to go to Kew Gardens,  everyone got up dressed and ready to leave on time. We lock the door and began the two block walk to catch the bus upon arriving at the bus stop,  I realized I had left my oyster pass and my wallet at the house. I quickly dashed back to the house running uphill. I used the two keys to unlock the door, remembering folks this is the first time I have been the one to unlock the door and turn off the alarm, I turned  both keys and pulled the door, nothing happened. The door did not open I turned the key back the other way and pulled, nothing happened. I turn the key back again and pulled, nothing happened.  I am quite anxious by this time wondering if I have set off the alarm, but I couldn't hear any beeping. I decided to run back to the bus station and explain my dilemma.  Finally after a breathy explanation and Bill asking me did I use both keys, which I had, Linda said did you try pushing the door? Long pause – no  Linda that never entered my mind. Needless to say I ran back the two blocks pushed the door open, turned off the alarm, and retrieved my wallet.  I ran back to the bus station and the day could only go uphill from there. I might add that on that particular day my fit bit reached 22,000 steps.

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